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In pursuing its objective of promoting the advancement of engineering, science, and technology,
the Haitian-American Engineering Society, HAES, holds a yearly scholarship program.
The goal of this program is to encourage young people to pursue their studies in a branch of
engineering, science, or technology.
The funding for this program is obtained from various HAES fund raising activities and from
networking with other organizations that offer scholarship programs.
The scholarship eligibility criteria are as follows:
Eligible applicants must be high school students intending to pursue their studies in a branch of
engineering, science, or technology, or college students currently enrolled in a engineering,
science, or technology curriculum. Eligible applicants from both high school and college must
have a passing grade point average.
HAES Board members, immediate relatives of HAES board members, members of the
scholarship selection committee, and immediate relatives of members of the scholarship
committee are not eligible to be HAES scholarship recipients.
The scholarship recipient selection process is as follows:

a. Scholarship announcement, made through various channels (internet, school board
distribution, media, etc).
b. Distribution of applications. Scholarship applications are made available to all interested
qualified candidates.
c. Reviewing of filled applications. A panel of judges, composed of HAES members and/or
educators reviews the applications and identifies the qualified applicants.
d. Interview process. All qualified applicants are interviewed by the aforementioned panel of
judges. The purpose of the interview process is to determine which applicant is best qualified to
be awarded the scholarship, based on academic performance and economic need. If deemed
necessary, the panel of judges can request an essay from the applicants prior to the interview
e. Selection of the scholarship winner and scholarship winner announcement. Following the
Interview process, the panel of judges selects the best qualified candidate to receive the
scholarship. That candidate is then notified of his/her winning the scholarship.
f. Remittance of the prize. The scholarship money is remitted to the financial aid office of the
university the scholarship recipient is currently, or is about to, attend. This last step is contingent
of the student's acceptance at that university. In the event the scholarship winner does not attend
a university and is no longer pursuing his or her studies in a branch of engineering, science, or
technology, the scholarship award shall go to the next best qualified recipient.

Click here for the HAES_Scholarship_Application

Please fill it out and mail it along with your essay to the address indicated.